We have built up an impressive client portfolio of Fashion Houses, Department Stores, Supermarkets, specialist retailers and industrial users. Our wide range of services include: packaging consultation, cost reduction analysis, warehousing and distribution, new product development and help with packaging audits.

Our expertise is formed with the knowledge and experience gained in the 25+ years of directly manufacturing world-class bags for Export. We have formidable experience with customers in Europe, USA and Japan.

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Our Products Feature:



Strong bags with and without handles (punched hole handles), Vest-style supermarket carriers (T-shirt type handles), and crystal clear PP clear bags. These can be made of virgin and recycled materials. All our bags can have hanging holes, tear-off lines and safety perforations if required. They can be of side-welded or bottom welded construction.

We have capabilities to match colours exactly as per customers’ requirements, through specifying Pantone codes or LAB values.


Strong reusable Flexi-loop (soft-loop handled) bags, Patch handled (reinforced handle) bags, Turn-over-top (Fold-over die-cut handle) bags, Vari-Guage (reinforced handle) bags. These can be made of virgin and recycled materials, and can be co-extruded for better strength, eco-sustainability and performance. We can print them using Flexo and gravure technologies, prints can be solid or toned and colours can be matched accurately using the finest ink systems and computerised colour management systems by XRITE


For customers who prefer to go with degradable or bio-plastic bags we have solutions to offer based on the requirement. These bags can be of size, shape and strength just like non-degradable bags. They are more pricier than generic bags and have a programed life-expectancy depending on the environment they are used in. Some of these can be recycled as well.

Our degradable bags can have a life expectancy from 6 months to about 3 years, depending on the requirement. They are compostable and start to break-down when the bags reach a biologically active environment, such as a landfill. There are different types of additives used with conventional plastics that make the degradation occur under various scenarios. We choose the right ingredients based on your needs and provide certifications accordingly.

Our Bio-Plastic bags on the other hand are mostly based on renewable plant-based materials, are certified compostable in a landfill or commercial composting facility. They use technologies based on starch, PBAT, PLA and others. We will pick the materials based on the desired end-of-life conditions. Our main resin partners are Natureworks.

We meet compostable bag standards for BioPlastic bags such as Vincotte/OK Compost, US Compost Councils’ “Compostable” certification amongst others.


Strong virgin and recycled bags made of partly environmentally sustainable materials and when necessary biodegradable materials. These can be packed in folded packs of 10-20 bags, in bulk, or on the roll with perforated tear-off lines. We supply a range of standard sizes, carrying our own brands as well as custom sizes.

Dispenser boxes, and bags with tear-off headers

These are perfect for convenience and tidiness. They can be hung on prongs under-counter, or on worktops in a carton box. They are ideal as checkout counter bags. Our dispensers are cardboard carton boxes that can be used in a pinch and pull fashion.

e-commerce mailing bags, on-line shopping bags, courier bags

We provide highly secure, permanent instant adhesion with our mailing bags. Degradable and non-degradable mailers with or without kangaroo pockets for documents. With reinforced handles and double glue strips for bags that can be returned to sender. The hot-melt adhesives that we use are tested in the USA and Europe to perform under seasonal weather conditions.

Food packaging and table covers

Fruit and vegetable bags, freezer and produce bags, all made of FDA / non-toxic food contact approved materials. Crystal clear bags that provide a suitable barrier and retain the beauty of the product it holds. We also make reusable and recyclable table covers in small rolls, you can cut them to the required size.

Aprons, wrapping and construction materials

Disposable aprons that come in a convenient polybag dispenser, suitable for medical environments and commercial kitchens.

Sheets, tubes and reels for various purposes from heavy gauge construction uses to light and thin sheets for anything your heart desires.


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